View Full Version : Satellite X200 - after Vista upgrade remote controller is not working

Miso SVK
26.11.2007, 00:25

I have upgrated my Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate and remote controller is not working. Well upgrated... I bought Vista ultimate and instal it.

Is there any driver for my remote controller?

26.11.2007, 15:24
Hello there,

Which edition of vista ultimate you have installed? If it is 64-bit edition then its very difficult to install drivers manually, because Toshiba doesn't support 64-bit (Unfortunately I have also bought Vista Ultimate 64-bit and now regret because I got lots of problem with graphic card drivers, I have to roll back to factory setting because of that i.e. vista home premium 32-bit). If you have 32-bit edition then you can install any drivers that supports for your laptop (of course IMHO). Just check the Toshiba website and from Support & Downloads menu you could install drivers according to your needs.

I hope this helps if not then best is to contact Toshiba.


Miso SVK
26.11.2007, 18:35
Well, thank you for advice, but... I have 32-bit version of vista ultimate. But I really dont know what kind of driver I need for my remote device. :(

26.11.2007, 19:07
Possibly you have to install the Infrared driver.
This driver is needed to activate the embedded infrared port on your notebook.

You can find it here in the X200 section