View Full Version : Question about DVD Player on Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7

25.11.2007, 16:43
Although the [specifications|http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/jsp/productPage.do?service=UK&PRODUCT_ID=131911] says my Sat-Pro A200 (PSAE7) comes with Toshiba DVD player, it is *NOT* installed in my device. I have tried to download something called "dvdpl-20070807102909" (is this the program?) from Toshiba download site, but when I double-click the "setup.exe" inside the application, Windows Vista said "this application cannot be installed.

I have also looked inside the Recovery disk that comes with the laptop, but cannot see anything obvious to click to install the player.

Please could anyone help and tell me how to install this DVD player?

30.11.2007, 13:37
Itís a little bit strangeÖ
On the Toshiba European driver page I could find the Toshiba DVD player software.
Itís a DVD Player version 1.10.06
So I presume it should be preinstalled on the Toshiba notebook.

The recovery CD which was delivered together with the notebook contains a Toshiba image. This image should support the Windows OS, All Toshiba driver, tools, utilities and additional software.
Please insert the Recovery CD into the CD/DVD drive and boot from this CD.

This procedure will format the whole HDD and will install the OS again on the notebook.
After a new installation please check if the Toshiba DVD player is available!!!

30.11.2007, 20:20
Hello Frank

I have checked the link and there is really Toshiba DVD player listed as preinstalled software. To be honest it is really confusing because, as far as I know, Toshiba DVD player is not standard player and it is mostly installed on notebooks with HD-DVD optical disc drive.

Maybe I am wrong about that. Is WinDVD preinstalled on your notebook model or any other DVD player?

About download I can just say that downloaded file is an update only.