View Full Version : Modem Satellite pro A60 com port not listed in device manager

15.03.2005, 13:16
Have a new A 60 pro and cannot connect to the internet via the modem.
One of the "solutions" offerd by help was to make sure that com port 1 was switched on on, however only an lpt port was listed.
Xp pro says that the modem is working ok.
How do I switch com port 1 on?


15.03.2005, 15:05
Hey there ,

Im afraid you dont have a hw com port on the unit. The com ports that you have on the laptop are "virtual ports". If you are expriencing diffuculties connecting to the internet, could you please go to device manager ( by going to the system in control panel and choosing hardware tab ) and then go to the properties of the Toshiba software modem and go to the diagnostics tab and then click on the query modem button and post the outcome.


P.S you will only have com port listed under the device manager if and only if you have a serial port on the computer.

17.03.2005, 15:27
Hi Ciri,

thx I will try it!