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22.11.2007, 07:57
Hi everyone,

I really appreciate help with installing OS on HD on Tecra 8200. The original HD crashed so I bought replacement HD from an add in the local paper. That drive was to be formatted but otherwise blank. After I slide the drive into the bay and turn the power on, "GRUB loading stage 1.5 " appears on the screen and then shortly word "UBUNTU" and after that a long message starting with: "failed to start the X server........." etc (probably something to do with Unix ).

My Tecra has no floppy drive, just DVD drive and I can't figure out how to make the machine start reading the Windows 2000 installation CD in the DVD drive (or maybe the HD needs to be re-formatted first but where to start?).

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions.

25.11.2007, 21:01

to install Windows 2000 simply press the "C" button when you can see the Toshiba logo at startup. This button causes to boot from cd and you will be able to install windows.

Nice weekend and if you have any questions just ask..


26.11.2007, 19:27
Alternatively you could use or press the F12 button immediately after notebook starting.
This will enable the boot menu from which you could choose the ODD as a boot device.