View Full Version : Intel VT in Linux on Tecra M5-402

21.11.2007, 14:38

I own a Tecra M5-402 notebook (Core 2 T7200, 2GB Ram, NVS 110). I have activated Intel VT both in the BIOS (really the BIOS, the stripped Windows that was placed above it does no longer exist on my harddisk, just like Win XP pro), and my home-grown Linux kernel (KVM support).
vmx shows up in the list of cpuflags, but however when trying with both qemu and VMWare Workstation 5.5, I got the message that VT is featured by the CPU but not enabled.
Has anyone made the same expierence, or does it work for you, and if how did you get it to work?

Thank you very much in advance for your replies.

23.11.2007, 13:09

1. Did you install module for intel kvm module?
2. Check for KVM file is present?

24.11.2007, 06:56
Hi grey_is@mail.ru_RU,

Thanks for your reply.
The kernel is fine, and the module is present. I simply get an error message when modprobing the kvm module that tells me VT isn't activated in BIOS.
But like I wrote it definitely is activated, also do I get the same message when turning it off in BIOS.

From your post I infer that it works for you, or am I wrong?

24.11.2007, 19:48

Yes it work on my A100 notebook this T7400 processor. And I succesfuly run Windows XP under Linux.