View Full Version : How to re-installing ACPI Modules for W2k on Tecra 8100

20.11.2007, 19:15
I need some info on how to reinstall ACPI Modules for Windows 2000 on my Tecra 8100. I'm getting a message on startup stating that "There are files missing to use Toshiba Selectbay Service. Please re-install Toshiba ACPI Modules for Windows 2000".

Anybody know what this means?
It started happening after I tried to install the update 'Value Added Logical Device' from the Toshiba site.
I suspect it was probably already on the computer which is why the install failed.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

20.11.2007, 19:44

I found the description of this file.
The Value Added Logical Device is Toshiba ACPI support Common modules for Windows 2000.
This software is the foundation for the other Toshiba-provided Win2k Utilities, and must be installed first!

I donít know in what order you have installed the driver but this Toshiba ACPI support Common modules must be installed at the beginning!

21.11.2007, 00:39
Hi Jayjay

Thanks for the response. The OS was re-installed using the original Toshiba recovery disk so everything should have gone on in the correct order. After that I've added service pack 4, a BIOS update to version 2.50 and also anything that comes from Microsoft Update.

All of the above worked perfectly until I tried to install the update mentioned in my original post. I agree that when installing updates of any kind this is the one that needs to go on first as all the others are built from it however its failed installation seems to have damaged the original ACPI Modules files.

Any solutions?

21.11.2007, 13:47
Hi Torres

Maybe stupid question but I would like to know why you try to install this update if the notebook runs well and without any problems.

According to your posting the W2K is preinstalled with all necessary service packs and MS updates.

The software like TVALD or Common modules for WXP must not be updated. As far as I know it is only a basic stuff that allows usage of other Toshiba designed tools and utilities. If everything work well do not make experiments and change it because of any possible update.