View Full Version : Pcmcia usb controller doesn't work with Tecra 8200

18.11.2007, 09:42

I have an old TECRA 8200 notebook (Intel Pentium III, 847 MHz, 512 MB RAM) OS: WIN XP with latest patches. For it has no USB 2.0 I have bought a PCMCIA USB Controller (Chip NEC). The controller has been recognised but XP is asking for a driver. The controller hasn't been delivered with a driver.

Does any one has an idea how I could get the controller up and running.




18.11.2007, 11:59
I mean, independet from the fact that this is not really a toshiba related problem, could you please post the name of the USB PCMCIA device?
I mean the manufacturer or something because if XP asks for a driver then there should be one available, or?

Please, give a feedback and what you could do additionally is to google for the PCMCIA device. The best way is often to search for the chip (in your case NEC).