View Full Version : adding a new dvd/cdrw drive doesnt work on my SP 4600

14.03.2005, 00:14
Hi, my laptop comes with a cd-rom drive as standard and i have purchased a dvd/cdrw drive to replace it. when i fit it it seems to be powered because i can open the cd drawer and the light comes on when i turn on the computer. however it is not coming up in my computer.
i have tried several drives so the drive i am using is not faulty.

can someone please help me with this as i need the dvd function on my laptop for my job.

thanks alot


14.03.2005, 16:29

Is new device recognized by OS? Can you use it at all? Is there some error message or is deice just marked in device manager?

15.03.2005, 16:39
it is not recognised by os or in device manager. but it does power and open.

18.03.2005, 11:10

It is possible that there can be problem with master or slave status on this device. Where did you buy this device? Is this device produced by Toshiba or another producer?

26.04.2005, 21:05
I have been experiencing similar problems to you:(
I have conducted extensive research and have discovered the following:
There are two types of drive used on earlier Tosh laptops.
These are M/S (master slave) drives and CSEL (cable select) drives. whilst the BIOS in later Tosh machines is able to recognise either type of drive:) the earlier machines can't:(
On Genuine Toshiba drives there is a sticker that labels the ATAPI pin outs, and on this sticker pin 47 will be labelled either CSEL or M/S.
Your replacement CD-rw/DVD drive must match the drive you are replacing in this respect or it will NOT be recognised.
If your drive is not a tosh drive the chances are high that it is CSEL as most other manufacturers use this configuration.
I am told that there is an internal mod that can be done to the drive to change this parameter but I have no info on this at present.
I will update on the forum if I get any more info.
Hope this helps you;)