View Full Version : How to reset the I/O Board on a Tecra 9100

14.11.2007, 11:12

i would like to know how i can reset the I/O board from my tecra 9100, because I ve found just under the Mini PCI slot a reset option, why i do this? well it's just a try...!!! because my mini PCI slot does not work since few days and i think a reset could help.

THX in advance.....!!!

14.11.2007, 11:44
Maybe you could post later the result of your experiment ;)

14.11.2007, 23:59
some new ideas....???

15.11.2007, 12:04
well, i didn't got any result of my experiment, maybe the mini PCI slot in the I/O board is defect.

15.11.2007, 12:16
In my opinion it looks like the board is faulty and only the replacement could helps

15.11.2007, 12:35
i better sell it before i do any changes, anyway i was thinking to renew my machinery :-)

15.11.2007, 12:49
I agree with you :) It's not worth to repair this and to spend money.
You could buy other, second hand machine which is much better and much cheaper

15.11.2007, 12:52
I'm really looking for a used Tecra M4, it's compact, light and can be used as tablet....!!! is there a second mark place here on Toshiba seite's??

15.11.2007, 13:07
Unfortunately no :(