View Full Version : How to install the new BIOS for Satellite Pro M50 running Ubuntu

First Age
13.11.2007, 23:15
I am running Ubuntu on my Pro M50. Could someone advise me what the latest BIOS is and how to install it?

The BIOS upgrade site here seems to havean exe file but I couldn't see the BIOS file within?


14.11.2007, 12:33
Why do you want to update the BIOS?!
Do you have any big troubles with your notebook?!

The Toshiba European driver page provides BIOS for XP and BIOS for Vista.
Both BIOS versions must be executed while the operating system is running!

If you use the Linux on your notebook, you will be not able to update the BIOS!!!
Do you understand?

Once again; The BIOS update should be done ONLY if itís absolutely necessary. In other case donít update it!

First Age
14.11.2007, 23:50
Thanks for your reply, and yes I do understand. The laptop is functioning Ok but the BIOS is at v 1.4, which appears to be quite outdated. There could be some big improvements with the later BIOS, though I haven't found anywhere that would tell me what they might be.

I have been pleased with the M50. However since purchasing it I am now much wiser ;)

Thanks again.