View Full Version : Need info about RAM for a TECRA 8000

13.11.2007, 18:37
I am looking for some RAM for my old Notebook Tecra 8000 PII 300 Model No. PAT800E-B94A-GR.

Can I use 256 MB or bigger? What is important to look for? I have no great experience in computer hardware.

Who has any idea?

Thx for any help from Thomas from Germany

13.11.2007, 20:10

I have found some interesting info about this ‘oldie’. Your Tecra can handle with max 256 MB RAM. Tecra 8000 has two memory slots and you can use two 128 MB modules.

Compatible 128 MB module is with part number PA2062U.

13.11.2007, 20:47
Thanks for the information !!!
Do you know some compatible modules from other manufacturer / producers ?

13.11.2007, 21:49
Hi again

Try from Kingston. Kingston modules are high quality products.

Please visit Kingston page here ( http://www.ec.kingston.com/ecom/configurator_new/mfrmod.asp?root=us&LinkBack=http://www.kingston.com)

Good luck!