View Full Version : Upgrade HDD on Satellite U200

10.11.2007, 09:55
3 months ago I bought a Toshiba SATELLITE PRO U200 from Jarir bookstore in KSA and now want to upgrade the 80 gigabyte hard drive to 160 gig.
However I notice that 1.46 GB of the hard drive is partitioned EISA and does not have a drive letter assigned. I assume it is for the operating system or something as the laptop came preloaded with Windows Vista Business.
I have the restore DVD, and would normally just fit the new Disk and boot from DVD following the same procedure as normal PC's. But I cannot copy the EISA partition over to the new disk. How do I upgrade to the new disk?

10.11.2007, 12:22

why not duplicate the whole HDD on the new one. There are enough programs to perform it -> www.ubcd4win.com.

Otherwise just install your new HDD in your machine, perform a system restore on your new HDD, copy your files on it and thats it. Donīt worry about the partition, if itīs existent on your old HDD then the system restore should probably create it on the new harddisk.

You wonīt know it until you tried it. :)

please give some feedback after your restored your system, would be interesting to know if the recovery created a new "EISA" partition.