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07.11.2007, 12:46
I have a Tecra 700CT notebook and my adapter broke... can i use the PA3467E-1AC3 ac adapter on my laptop?

pls need answer very fast because i am about to buy one

07.11.2007, 12:47
here is the link to the product : http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/jsp/individualOptions.do?ACTION=SHOW_ATTRIBUTES&OPTION_ID=111593&tab=1#1

07.11.2007, 12:59
I recommend you to use original AC adapter for this ‘oldie’. The part number is PA2484U. Google a little bit around and you will find shops where you can order it.

Bye and good luck!

07.11.2007, 13:34
my problem is that i live in romania, and most online stores (e-bay, amazon etc) don't do shipments to my country. so... having in mind that that model that i have specified is THE ONLY THING I CAN FIND ON THE MARKET can i use it on my laptop? so far i have seen that the main difference is that the adapter that i have found has i higher voltage (19 instead of 15)...

07.11.2007, 16:29

Usually you should use the Toshiba recommend AC adaptor. In such case you are on the safe side.
But of course other updaters could functions but the properties must be the same.
The voltage value must be the same to avoid damage!!!
The ampere value could be a little bit higher but I recommend using always an AC adaptor which supports the same specifications!

By the way; as far as I know Toshiba has an own ASP in Romania.
You could contact the technicians in your country and could order the compatible one!!

Check this

07.11.2007, 18:21
thanks a lot!

07.11.2007, 18:53
You are welcome ;)