View Full Version : Can I install Linux in Satellite M200?

06.11.2007, 20:11
Dear all

I want to install Linux in Satellite M200, but i don't know it is supported driver or not, please give me advice.


06.11.2007, 20:33
Of course you can install the Linux on the Toshiba notebook.
BUT you will not find any Toshiba driver or tools for the Linux OS.

Toshiba does not support official the Linux and therefore the drivers are not released.
You will have to use the Linux drivers from chip manufacturer like Intel i.eÖ

One hint; I use the Knoppix Live CD I donít need to install anything. I boot from this CD and the full functional Linux ca be used ;)

06.11.2007, 22:58

I have installed ubuntu 7.10 on a second partition on my P200 1E9. And it works GREAT!!!


12.12.2007, 22:29
Hi Helmut

That's interesting. I have a Satellite M206 which I got here in China. I tried to install Ubuntu 7.10 desktop on it, which worked almost fine --- much much easier in fact than when I replaced the Vista (that it came with) with XP. The only trouble was the video not working. I could only get it to work in console mode with the X server saying that it could not find any suitable modes.

Could you share your procedure especially any tweaks that you may have had to make?