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06.11.2007, 11:38

I have a used Tecra 9100 since 1 1/2 year. Worked fine but since 3 month the sound doesnít work anymore. I donít know if I did any specific. I use Windows XP Prof. Service Pack 2 (but I used the same when it worked). The sound Card is recognized by the OS and it starts to run but no sound with the speakers and no sound also with headphones.

It worked once and I guess there should be a solution. And I also think there is no problem with the I/O Board because the OS recognize the sound card. But maybe I think too much :-)



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08.11.2007, 16:35

Could you please check what sound card your Tecra 9100 supports?
If itís a Yamaha sound chip then Iíve got a solution.

I have searched in the Toshiba forum for similar issue and found these both threads about sound issue on the Tecra 9100 and SP1 or SP2


Seems the Yamaha sound driver does not support the Microsoft service packs.
There is only one solution, either you will update the driver which supports the SP or you will remove the MS service packs from the system.
I prefer the first solution ;)

08.11.2007, 17:22
thank you. Yes it is a Yamaha Sound Chip but
it wont work with the updated drivers. Still the same problem:
Shows the Sound Card as up an runnning but no sound out of the speakers or
the headphones.

Any other ideas ???

08.11.2007, 17:32
Did you check the links above?!

As I said only the driver update can solve this. Only... !!! Or SP removing!!!

The links above leads to these pages too.

[Do not install SP2 if you have a Yamaha AC-XG sound card on your Toshiba, Sony, or Fujitsu laptop|http://www.housing.hawaii.edu/resources/support/yamahaac-xg.htm]

[Windows XP Service Pack 1a or Service Pack 2 incompatible with existing Yamaha sound driver|http://ftp.toshiba.ca/support/techsupport/tsbs/all/-TSB000805.htm]

09.11.2007, 11:25
yep I checked it and I installed the mentioned drivers. But everything unchanged.
Thats why I asked for other ideas...

21.11.2007, 14:33
No sound? The only solution I've found is to get a USB headset like the Logitech USB Headset 20. I have had this same problem with my Tecra 9100 for almost 6 months. I tried on a pair of USB Headset and it works! because it bypasses your internal soundcard. The downside is that if you have a great pair of speakers on your laptop, then it's kind of a waste that you can never use it. But at least, with this, you can now listen to CDs and chat on the internet.

23.11.2007, 16:31
I have labtop Toshiba - Tecra 9100. The sound does not work. The dealer told me I can down load the Sound Driver from the net. I use XP Windows. Can you help me. I have been using your site or more than one month, seeking the sound Driver, but no hope yet.. This is my first day after I made my registration at Toshiba. Can you Email me the sound driver for muy labtop.

Thank you.