View Full Version : Satelite M30 IntelPRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Version

12.03.2005, 11:44
Hi all,
after my notebook had crashed during an internet session I got the message from MS analysis saying the problem is in my adapter software (see the subject) and that I should check INTEL. I visited Intel site and they are offering three versions for download, but claim one should download the drivers directly from producer site. So, I checked Toshiba site, but there are no download offers for my notebook version. BTW, I haven't had any problems with my wireless connection for a year. Can I still download the driver form INTEL, and if yes, which one? Any hints?
Thanks in advance,

12.03.2005, 11:59
Here I'm again. Of course there are drivers offered for download on Toshiba site for my notebook. I just didn't check the box with operating system. Sorry for wrong information. So, I guess I have to dowonload the version 1.60.47 W2AB. Does anything speak against it? Has anyone got bad experience with update?
Greetings, Tony

14.03.2005, 10:01

There should not be any problems with update. Let us know it wireless card works properly again.


15.06.2005, 13:48
Hi again

it seems that the problem was solved by Downloading the driver from the Toshiba website.