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12.03.2005, 09:38
When I insert an SD card in the slot my Tecra S1 does not recognize it and just ignores it. Solution?

12.03.2005, 20:55
Hi sniper

Can you please check in device manager if there is everything ok with SD Card Controller? It will be interesting to know if there is some problem and if SD Card controller is properly installed.


28.03.2005, 21:51
I have the same problem, I´ve got a Tecra 9000, and I bought a Sandisk 512 Mb SD-Card. My Tecra doesn´t give any reaction at inserting the SD-Card. The system settings say that the SD-Hostcontroller is installed and that it is functional.
So, could it maybe be a problem with the firmware? The Tecra 9000 is rather old and the user manual says something about "SD cards are possible to read up to 128 Mb". Ok, at that time, there weren´t any cards with the size of 512 ... If this is the problem i will send my card back;)


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