View Full Version : Satellite X200: Webcam locked by another program

31.10.2007, 23:43
I had the problem with the onboard webcam on my X200 where it said "Camera locked by another program".
I updated the driver and now the camera works ok for 2 seconds and then turns all black.
However, when I enter the Options menu the camera has no problem previewing the picture in the Options window but when I switch back to the regular preview window or try to use it with Messenger, it only works for 2 seconds and then blacks out.

I have tried several different drivers but nothing seems to work... Any advice will be greatly apprecciated.

01.11.2007, 13:30
Hi mate,

do the following:

1. Type www.google.com
2. Search for "Chicony webcam drivers"
3. Uninstall every Toshiba software which belongs to this webcam.
4. Install the Chicony driver.
5. Happy ICQ/Skype/MSN-ing


05.11.2007, 19:42
Please check this forum threads: