View Full Version : GPU fans to work on Satellite P100-429 (Nvidia) on Linux

31.10.2007, 14:35

I have a P100-429.. and have managed to get the GPU fans to work. As most of you probably know, on Linux (and these laptops) we have to edit the DSDT in order to get sound working. There is another fix there that also allows the GPU fans to work. Mine seems to be on at low speed all the time and the Nvidia setting app now shows the temp to be below 50C most of the time, whereas previously it went up to 75 or more.

Anyway, I have posted my updated DSDT at at : http://acpi.sourceforge.net/dsdt/edit.php?manufacturer=Toshiba&name=Satellite+P100-429

NB I am also using Bios version 3.30.

I found the solution on the following French site, that I had to interpret slightly.


My laptop feels much cooler now then previously.
Hope this helps someone.


ps i don't check here often so if you need help with something try emailing me at rax_mATyahooDOTcoDOTuk

31.10.2007, 15:11
>Hope this helps someone.

I hope too ;) Glad information. Thanks!

02.11.2007, 00:02
Do you have a english-version for us? Im can not read this text :-) (Im have the same toshiba-model)