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30.10.2007, 02:29

I'm the proud owner of an A100-1k7 laptop upgraded to a total of 2Gb Ram.
I tried to install my new discovery, Ubuntu 7.10 onto it. I succeeded of course:)

However I do have on issue which I can't figure out myself.
My wifi adapter is not running. It's one of those atheros 5007eg's.

I tried to find a driver but couldn't find one.
Madwifi doesn't support it yet and ndiswrapper, well that's a bit out of my league I suppose.
I tried different tutorials but all of them didn't work for me.
I got this far:

When i give ndiswrapper the driver install command (i'm using a winxp 32bit driver) it shouts driver already installed.
But when i try to see if it works i get the message wrong driver.

Could anyone please give me a good working tutorial on how to install drivers for this wifi adapter?
And please bare in mind i'm an absolute new regarding linux based operating systems.... so a tutorial which i could simply copy and paste into my terminal would be a gift of the gods to me:)

Please forgive me for my poor English since it is not my native language.

Kind regards,


08.11.2007, 12:24
Hi Bas

As you know Linux is official not supported and you are on your own. If nobody here can offer you solution, try to check manufacturers support page or visit some Linux forums. This WLAN card is not built in Toshiba notebooks only and I hope on Linux forums you have much better chance to get right info about WLAN drivers and WLAN functionality.

Good luck!

09.11.2007, 14:14
Try with 64-bit driver version it should work


20.11.2007, 00:39

I using 64-bit version Ubuntu 7.10 and I dont can use WiFi (and Bluetooth). I asked the people on Polish Ubuntu forum, and they don't know too.
I think that Toshiba should help as... because it's not good answer that Linux is not recommender for Toshiba.

I love Toshiba and Linux and what are you thinking - what should I do?

So sorry for my poor English, but I'm polish girl ;)

20.11.2007, 12:18
Hello Martyna

>…because it's not good answer that Linux is not recommended for Toshiba.

In my opinion you have misunderstand something here. I really do not know where you have founded info that Linux is not recommended for Toshiba notebooks. Believe me it is definitely wrong. There are many different Linux distributions and versions that you can use with Toshiba notebooks.

I see there just one problem and it is official Linux support. As you know Toshiba does not support Linux and at the moment you are on your own. Linux OS is very popular and I hope that more and more notebook manufacturers will start with official Linux support.

Bye and good luck!

18.01.2008, 10:42
Try the madwifi driver here http://madwifi.org/