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29.10.2007, 05:21
So I just bought myself a new Toshiba Satellite U205-S5002 I absolutely love it. One of the big features that interested me was the Express Media Player functionality.

My first step was to upgrade the hard drive and ram to 160gb and 2gb.
I placed the drive and ram in my old laptop and sold it.

Before I did it I made a ghost copy of the hard drive and ghosted to the new drive. Well come to find out...

Toshiba doesn't ship with this software preinstalled so I follow the instructions to burn my Express Media Player recovery disk and boot to the new disk.
Then this is where the saga starts...

After 15-20seconds I get a calming blue screen (NOT BSOD Blue mind you) that says:

An error occurred during recover of "Express Media Player".
Please recover the image again from the beginning.
Press any key to exit.

This is typed exactly as it is on screen. So I see some other forums saying you need to have the free space the drive so I resize the partition allowing 200mb of space. Still same thing... then try 2GB same... then the 50GB same problem...

Ok, so obviously not a space issue. I then read that I might need to clear the drive... so I delete the partition, this same error... then I run the recovery disk and tell it to erase the drive wait for 1 1/2hrs for it to complete. No dice! So I decide... ok.. well lets try another disk.. I restored my ghost image... and burned the image again... same issue... so I decide back to the recovery disk and I'll try reinstalling windows back to factory and make a disk...

Well, this doesn't work as well as you'd think... the image is incomplete... windows works just fine... but the folder c:\Toshiba\ExpressMediaPlayer is empty!

Glad I ghosted my original directory. But I decide well lets give Express Media Player one more shot now that I've restored to factory... still same error... I then decide one more try... I'll erase drive 1.5hr, I'll restore from toshiba's provided dvd but leaving plenty of space at the end 2GB (I base plenty on people saying you only need about 200mb)

5hr later.. moment of truth... yep you guessed it... I know nothing else to try... do I have a bad image?
Does someone have one I can download that has for sure worked for them? Or did I completely screw myself by replacing the hard drive with after market and that's causing some sort of compatibility issue?

Thank you in advance.
gabe at supergeekz dot com

05.11.2007, 16:40

Itís a big story!
I donít know how to begin so maybe first of all some info about the Express media player.

As you said and already suggested the Express media player was preinstalled on the second partition!
If you want to install this Express media player on the HDD, 150 - 200MB free space should be available. This free space should be on the end of the HDD and it must be unallocated.
To get these free space on the HDD, 3rd party products must be used like i.e. Partitions Magic 8 !!!

I will not write a whole story how to recover the Express media player because Toshiba has already created useful documents which describes the whole installation procedure!
I found these docs in the Toshiba Computer knowledge base:

*Check this:*

[ Why Express Media Player fails to run after Recovery or HDD replacement?|http://support.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ5C018T000FR01.htm]

[How to Recover a Notebook in Expert Mode with 2 Partitions and Express Media Player?|http://support.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB58014O0008R01.htm]

Hope I could help you.