View Full Version : How to enable the modem to connect to internet

28.10.2007, 15:39

this my first time using, so hope i'm doing everything correctly

I bought a laptop last week (windows vista), I had to fix it up, installed netgear (?) and belkin usb network adaptor.
The laptop working great and I am receiving my emails.

Another PC (windows xp) wont conect to internet and I am also not receiving my son's e mails (which believe me I dont want to read).

I have looked on my control panel and my connection to internet says modem disabled (which it is) but what should I put in to connect the upstairs pc to internet.

Hope someone can understand this and is able to help

Thank you

09.11.2007, 15:49
Your message is a little bit confusing.

Anyway, if the modem is not enabled then trey to do this in the device manager.
Furthermore you should check if the modem driver was installed correctly.

For the first this is everything what I can suggest.