View Full Version : Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 Celeron 2.8GHz 256MB sound volume?

11.03.2005, 13:49

I've recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 and am happy with item, but despite turning the volume full music and even the windows event sounds are very quiet? To me it does seem to be significantly quieter that other notepads I've used. Is this the way the item should be working or could it be a possible issue?

Thanks for any help or advise you can give.

11.03.2005, 22:35

Did you scrutinize check all sound settings in “Sounds and Audio Devices Properties”?

14.03.2005, 17:16
I have checked the “Sounds and Audio Devices Properties” and all volumes (including the laptop speaker volume) are full. I've even checked the volume in windows media in case this would have any effect.

Do you think it might be faulty?

15.03.2005, 13:04
Hi again

Do you have this problem using all players or just using DVD player? Is this situation since you bought notebook or it occur later? Everything is possible but I don’t think that something is faulty.

At the end you can contact Service partner and let them check it up.

15.03.2005, 15:22
Hey there,

Could you please check the volume control dial on the right hand side of the laptop where you have the headphone and microphone jacks ?

Just to check :)