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25.10.2007, 15:12
Good morning,

I've just bought a U300 notebook, which is really nice. But I've tried to plug an external screen on it, and the result is really bad, and I don't understand why.

My external screen is a E1900WS (19", widescreen, resolution : 1440x900 at 75Hz).
When I plugged it, I asked to extend my desktop.
My notebook screen is fine, but the external one has a problem : the screen moves to 1440x900 resolution at 75Hz, but there are some undulations on it.

As it, the picture is not perfect. I tried to change my external screen driver, but this is the same result.
My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium (I don't like it, so slow...).

Do you think 1440x900 is a too big resolution?
Do I have to update my Intel X3100 driver?
Do you have another idea ?

I'm sorry if my english is so bad, I'm french.
Thank you.

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31.10.2007, 17:50
> Do you think 1440x900 is a too big resolution?
The resolution should not the problem but you could try to change it and check if the same issue appears using different screen resolutions.

> Do I have to update my Intel X3100 driver?
The Intel x3100 is not known to me so I don’t think you have to update it.
In my knowledge some of the U300 satellites were equipped with Intel 965GM GPU.
So if you want you could use the newest driver from the Intel page!

>Do you have another idea?
Unfortunately no! …apart from the Intel drive update.

15.11.2007, 16:40

I think you have the same problem that here:

and here

and here:

I am still under reparation (for 3 times) and still waiting. :-(


15.11.2007, 18:10
Hello Antonio

Is your notebook repaired? Does the problem still persist? I have Satellite A210 and it work well with my 19’’ TFT. Tomorrow I will test it with friends 22’’ TFT display.