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11.03.2005, 00:51
I have a Satellite notebook and my wife has a Tecra notebook. We connect through a desktop PC to the internet using WIFI.

Both notebooks drop the internet connection intermittently - to get connected in the first place, we need to click on a few favourites in internet explorer - only then does either connect.

I have also connected through a friends network which is configured in the same way and the same thing happens. He has an older tosh notebook which connects perfectly and doesn't drop the line.

We have compared settings and all seem to be the same, so something else is not quite right.

I am running XP (SP2), have a built in LAN card (which is fine) and am connecting through a netgear access point, which is about 2 foot away.

I would appreciate any help on this as it is driving us all crazy!

11.03.2005, 12:46
Hi Hunter

I use also wireless connection at home. Both of my notebooks (Satellite P20 and Tecra M1) are connected to “Belkin wireless router”. Configuration was easy and without any problems and I had no problems at all.

Can you please tell me what you use at the moment (Netgear access point or desktopPC) for wireless connection? Do you use some client or Windows to configure wireless network settings?

11.03.2005, 12:56
Thanks for the reply.

I am using a netgear access point WG602 v2 connected to my Desktop PC which is connected to the internet. I use windows to configure wifi - I set the links up manually rather than through the windows wizard.

As far as I'm aware, the settings I have used are the same as for the older Tosh that is working correctly.

15.03.2005, 10:42
Disappointing that there's no reply on this so far. I'll have to try another avenue...


15.03.2005, 11:22
Hi Paul

Sorry but I am a little bit confused about all this. I know very well how it was easy to configure. Do you use some encryption?

If your Access point is configured right all what you must do is to configure IP address and set it to “Automatically”. Start “Wireless Network Connection Properties” and activate option “Use Windows to configure…..”. After that under “Available networks” click on “Refresh”. If you can see available network Configure it properly. Put network key if your network is encrypted. Please try to use Windows configuration for wireless settings.

One times I have a strange situation because my notebook was not able to connect to my wireless router. All what I done was deleting and repeat the encrypting code in router settings. After that everything works again. I can not explain it but it helps in my case.

16.03.2005, 16:34
Thanks for the suggestions. the settings are as you suggested already.

Having fiddled around with various things, it would appear that the tecra is now working as it should. It is not used every day so this needs confirmation.

I noticed that the 2200BG Intel Network adapter driver on the Tecra was a newer version than for the Satellite, so I updated the driver on the Satellite.

I have set all relevant network settings on the Satellite to be the same as the Tecra (not IP address!!).

It's Still not working though.

When I first connect to the internet on the Satellite, if there is a problem, an IP address rather than a website name appears on the explorer window - perhaps this indicates something?