View Full Version : Satellite U305-S5097: Need Windows XP drivers

20.10.2007, 02:37
I recently got a new satellite U305-S5097...
I found out that Vista cannot run a very major application i used for work... So i resort to paritioning the hard drive and then put Windows XP SP2 on the new partition.

VistaBootPro helped me achieve dual booting function...
The problem drivers for the windows XP.
I downloaded some from toshiba support site but still need drivers for the following as shown on hardware device manager.....

1. Base System Device......this guy appear as three
2. Ethernet Controller.......it appear as two but when i downloaded LAN driver one disappeared....need driver for the other
3. SM Bus Controller
4. Video Controller
5. Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

Please i need help to figure this out.
Also i found there are no ports on the device manager.
I need this desperately for my work.
A big help needed please.



29.10.2007, 14:41
This is definitely a Toshiba US notebook.
You have to use the Toshiba US site for the driver download.

1 - Base system device is usually the SD Card Controller. I think you have to install SD card driver.

2 if you have installed the LAN card driver, then you have to install additional the WLan card driver. For this check firstly what WLan card was installed and visit the WLan card manufacture site to get XP driver.
Or this Toshiba WLan portal site:

3 SM bus controller -> install compatible Intel chipset utility. This can be found on the Intel page.

5 and 6 the graphic driver can be found on the graphic card manufacturer site. If this notebook was equipped with eth Intel GPU download the driver from the Intel page!