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16.10.2007, 21:30
Every time that I tried to used the camera with the Windows Live Messenger appear a message that “there isn’t any camera on this computer or is using with another program" and when I tried to used the camera with her software the image don’t appear and said that " camera is lock by another application ", and there is no application using the camera.

I don’t know how to fix it. Does anyone know?

17.10.2007, 09:04

I have found an interesting posting:

Check if the solution posted by user beret83 could helps.

Additionally you could check this thread:

It’s about the issue regarding the “webcam locked by another application” problem.

If you have solved this problem come back and post the solution! Thanks

18.12.2007, 01:04
I have the same problem. With yahoo messenger webcam is not connecting. MSN messenger, webcam locked by other program. I have spoken with Toshiba costumer center, no solution. I tried everything but nothing worked.

18.12.2007, 18:26

I think I know what the problem could be;
The webcam driver doesn't support fully the MS messenger
Someone posted this solution here in the forum;

1. Downloaded the file from [here|http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SCANNER-Digital-CAMERA-WEBCAM/OTHER-SCANNERS/Acer-Extensa-5210-Chicony-Webcam-Driver-57.shtml]
2. Unzipped it to a folder on my desktop.
3. Ran the "Setup.exe" file in the folder that got unzipped.
4. Went through the installer until it got to the end and then let it restart my computer.
5. Waited for my computer to restart.
6. It popped up something saying it was installing the drivers for my webcam. Waited until it was done.
7. Opened the Control Panel.
8. Opened the Device Manager.
9. Find my webcam under "Imaging Devices".
10. Right-clicked on my webcam and chose "Update Driver Software..."
11. Chose "Browse my computer for driver software"
12. Chose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
13. Unchecked the "Show compatible hardware" checkbox.
14. Scrolled down to the Chicony manufacturer.
15. Chose the "Crystal Eye webcam.
16. Told it to install anyway when it asked me a question about installing that driver.
17. Waited for the driver to be installed.

Re-install the Toshiba camera software found on the support server.

Greetings ;)

19.12.2007, 11:37
Thanks juan
I tied it but unfortunately my problem is not solved. I think technicians should take up this matter and find some solution.

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19.12.2007, 12:00
This is very strange because as Juan said this procedure should helps to solve this issue
This was confirmed here:

Anyway, at this time Toshiba European driver page provides the new Vista chicony webcam driver. It’s a version and was uploaded on 04/12/07.
I would recommend checking this.

> camera is lock by another application
You should be able to solve this issue by disabling/enabling the webcam service/driver in the “msconfig”

This would helps to disable the webcam service which is running in the OS background and to unlock the cam. Then you should enable this service again to get the webcam functionality.