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13.10.2007, 00:00
Can I update the nvidia 8700 drivers for my satellite pro 8700 drivers for vista from the nvidia homepage,
or do I have to use the ones from the toshiba page.

The reason I ask, is because I had a another manufacturers laptop, and when I updated my nvidia drivers from the nvidia homepage,
spoolsv.exe started using all my cpu, and the reason was that this driver wasn't supported by this manufacturer

13.10.2007, 11:51
You shouldn´t use the original Nvidia drivers since these are not modified for mobile platforms. If you install the drivers from there, your machine will run much hotter then now and it won´t work properly since the timings for the GPU and the RAM are not correct.

You will have to go here:


but PLEASE: read the FAQ section first before doing ANYTHING! :) I recommend you doing this because there can be many faults done. ;)


13.10.2007, 14:21
Ok, but that dont help much because my card isnt listed in their quickstart guide;

13.10.2007, 19:50
Hi there,

Hm, thats not good. So you have now only following options:

1. Check if the Omega drivers work (www.omegadrivers.net)

2. Wait until laptopvide2go releases a version which fits your card

Thats all, buddy

14.10.2007, 01:26
omegadrivers is starting to get a bit old isnt it?
Anyway, I don't think the drivers from omega is designed for laptops.

I just have to wait then...

15.10.2007, 12:08
I have the same comp as you, and downloaded the last version (163.67) from laptopvideo2go.com, and they did work for me, even tho our gpu isnt listed in the overview.
So go ahead and try them. I noticed an improvment in Trackmania Nations anyway.

regards, SirAndrew214

15.10.2007, 22:45
Ok. I tried to install 156.66 from laptop to go.
The install works fine, but after a suspend to ram or hibernate or what one call it, strange tings starts to happen.
I get strange blue spots all over my desktop.

I'll try the 163.67 driver, and post results afterwards.

16.10.2007, 11:43
Same thing happens now.
Get these blue pixels on desktop.
It depends on wallpaper actually.

16.10.2007, 11:48
I can actually take a printscreen of the problem.

16.10.2007, 17:06
wow, that was strange! I have never seen anything like that on my comp. what resolution are you using? I reckon u use 1650 and something...

Again, Strange... I have had no problems with the latest driver either, 163,75.

Bytheway, i believe our computer is NOT an Satellite PRO, but just plain Satellite x200?

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16.10.2007, 17:41
I know. posted this in the wrong forum.
I use the latest driver from the toshiba homepage

this is also the only forceware driver that supports this card.

Ive tried numerous other drivers also.

If this doesn't resolve soon, im going to deliver the computer back and demand a new computer.
Think its possibly a hardware issue.

18.10.2007, 00:34
I reinstalled Vista now,
and updated to driver 163.75 from laptop2driver or what the page is called.

For now everything is ok, and works fine.
I'll post back tomorrow if the problems I have had comes back.
As stated earlier the problems come after closing the laptop and leaving it like that
over night.

If the problem isnt happening again I think the problems possibly are caused by updating some other hardware drivers. Don't know what driver though.

Anyway. Ill post back tomorrow, or the day after.

Other than that thanks for replies.

16.01.2008, 08:34
Ok... I got this problem one more time.
It happens when I roll back drivers.
Its really pain.

*But this time I was able to solve it*.
I rolled back as far as I got, I then uninstalled the driver, then uninstalled the GPU, then installed a new driver.

I restarted between all the uninstalls.