View Full Version : Tecra 9100 - Loss of sound after Windows Update.

12.10.2007, 22:04
I have just got hold of a 9100 second hand, and have been re-installing XP Pro. I have been going well, and had all but the SD Card working after downloading all the relevant drivers off Toshiba's site.

Micorsofts update site decided to download new drivers for the Yamaha sound card, and now it says NO Device.

I re-installed the drivers from the toshiba site, but despite everything I do it still shows no device.

Ive tried re-installing the Synth software as well, but this says I need to run the synth re-installer. But there is no directory on the drive for anything Yamaha, and no entry in the add/remove window for yamaha synth or on the start menu.

I am at a loss where to go next, short of starting yet again, and re-installing from the OS up, and thats a good days work.

Does a clean up utility exist so I can just do the sound card part again?

Help Please. :-(

16.10.2007, 09:57

It seems there is a problem with the Yamaha sound card driver after installation of the Microsoft Windows XP SP2.

Seems you have to update the Yamaha sound driver!

After a short investigation I found this site:

[Do not install SP2 if you have a Yamaha AC-XG sound card|http://www.housing.hawaii.edu/resources/support/yamahaac-xg.htm]

Best regards

21.11.2007, 14:31
No sound? The only solution I've found is to get a USB headset like the Logitech USB Headset 20. I have had this same problem with my Tecra 9100 for almost 6 months. I tried on a pair of USB Headset and it works! because it bypasses your internal soundcard. The downside is that if you have a great pair of speakers on your laptop, then it's kind of a waste that you can never use it. But at least, with this, you can now listen to CDs and chat on the internet