View Full Version : SA60-742 and Wireless LAN

08.03.2005, 14:18

I was told when I bought this that it had support for wireless LAN, but to me it seems that there is no such built in functionality. Am I correct?

No button to turn on/off the wireless function, and no trace of such communication in control panel.

09.03.2005, 11:03

On the right side between USB port and “Microphone in” should be a wireless antenna On/Off switch and if not it is also not necessary because you can enable or disable wireless antenna using some software or manually in device manager.

09.03.2005, 18:10
There is no switch to turn on the wireless function, it is disabled. Trying to turn on wireless by pressing "Fn" + "F8" doesn't change anything, the little light next to the wireless symbol is not lit.

10.03.2005, 12:42

I am sure that your notebook supported wireless card. First of all you must be sure do you have one or not. Please check in device manager under “Network adapters” if there is wireless card listed. If not you must buy one. In your case it can be some “Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card” or you can buy PCMCIA Wireless card and use it in “PC Card slot”.

Both solutions are ok but the second one is maybe easier because Mini PC Card must be build in on right place and it is necessary to open the notebook cover.