View Full Version : Satellite P100-429 - Question about fans and ACPIs etc

07.10.2007, 13:55
Hi all,

I read a number of thread on this forum regarding the (non!) working of the fans with the P100 series.
I am using Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) I updated my DSDT with a custom compiled version, and am also using the 3.30 version of the bios.. I had to do this in order to get the sound working on this laptop.

However, I noticed that the fan on the left hand side of the laptop never comes on under Linux. It does come on with XP.
The fan at the back of the computer does seem to come on fine when the CPU is working..

Is this the GPU fan?
Does anyone know if this will be sorted out soon.. I've raised a couple of support requests with Toshiba in the hope it will make a difference.

Also doesn anyone have suspend / hibernate working properly (i.e. sound and networking works when it resumes)..


12.10.2007, 19:45
This will not work, im have the same Toshiba Model. The BIOS has a big problem and is buggy.
Im have tested all combinations, no results.