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06.10.2007, 15:31

My brand new Satellite Pro L40 laptop seems to hang for about 30secs in the middle of startup. The desktop loads quite quickly and the taskbar appears with a few icons in the Systray but hangs (in fact between the loading of the Intel Graphics Accelerator icon in the systray, <delay> then loads the Acoustic Silencer icon). Sometimes the startup doesn't hang and is very fast.

I've turned off the Windows Sidebar.

Anyone have any thoughts or experienced this?

Your help is appreciated. ?:|


11.10.2007, 12:01
Please donít be mad at me but I really donít see any problems with your L40.
I have worked on different computers and notebooks and I have to say that such startup delays are nothing unusual.

The Toshiba notebooks support many additional features and many background processes and applications must be loaded at the beginning of the boot process.

This could lead to short delays. But believe me, itís nothing wrong with the notebook.
Of course you can disable most of these processes but please donít wonder if then any notebook features like FN keys, etc will not work and cannot be used.

Best regards

31.10.2007, 14:23
Maybe you should disable auto startup for all applications you do not need. Please check ĎSystem configuration utilityí (Start > Run > MSCONFIG) and in startup disable all applications that can be responsible for slow startup.