View Full Version : Satellite U300 - can not get sound card to works under WXP

05.10.2007, 09:47
Hi all

I have installed WXP on my U300 after playing with nlite nd the sata raid drivers.
I installed all thinks, but my sound card doesnít work and my webcam too. Iím now 3 days on this and canít find a solution. Please if someone else have a successful installation of WXP on the U300-115 than please give some tips.

Btw the install order mentioned on the driver download page s+++s... Toshiba make a driver install package for us its better.


07.10.2007, 12:00

regarding sound I recommend you to go to www.realtek.com and download the driver from there, that would be a lot better then the driver from the toshiba site. :)

Regarding your webcam I donīt know how to help you since I looked at the driver download page and I didnīt found anything. Maybe you should try the camera software from another model since the cameras are all the same. I read in some forums (not here) that users tried it with their machines and it worked for them.

Itīs worthy to give it a try.