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05.10.2007, 00:39

This is my first post in the Toshiba forum.
I would like to ask if anyone has successfully installed windows xp os in the X200-
with full drivers support ex:
Graphic drivers NVIDIA an all other yellow question marks appears in device manager.
If yes can post any link for the download drivers because the Toshiba download driver page doesnâ??t support any graphic NVIDIA drivers and some others drivers for WXP.

Thanks a lot
Sorry for my bad English.

06.10.2007, 21:51
Regarding all the drivers you need I cannot help you, only with the Nvidia driver.

To get the latest nvidia driver for your machine under XP you should visit this site:


but before downloading any drivers you MUST read the FAQ-section to make sure that you install the driver properly.

Could you please tell me which drivers you then still need? Maybe we can do find something...


07.10.2007, 03:46
Thaks for the reply:)
nvidia drivers works ok :D

I post a link with a devices manager image. any help will be usefull.

Link: http://athlon.ispeeds.net/~athens/x200.JPG


22.10.2007, 18:01
Hi guys. I have the same problem - can't find any working WinXP Video Driver...

*kitsarakos*, could you give me a link to the working driver you found, plz? =)

22.10.2007, 18:31
Take a look into the Johnny’s post!!!

25.10.2007, 15:51
Hi again =))) I solved my problem with all drivers, except the PCI-memory controller... as it was in *Kitsarakos* 's case. I tried to look on this problem, using Everest 4... but found nothing... any ideas what we missed? =)

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