View Full Version : Satellite A100 (PSAAN) can not find modem

05.10.2007, 00:16
Plaese help me ..
My modem apear in system .. but does not work ..

06.10.2007, 21:47
What do you mean with it does not work? What exactly does not work? Did you checked the telephone number of your provider if it´s right. And did you checked your telephone line if it´s working with another computer?

Would appreciate a better and more detailed error description :)


06.10.2007, 23:22
Many thanks to you.
Line is ok >> already test it.
The problem: it can not connect at all and it takes very long time. Also there is no sound heard from modem.
I tried to un-install the modem many times but the problem is the same.
Thanks again

27.10.2007, 15:54
??????? same problem

02.11.2007, 14:18
I would recommend deleting the profile from the “Modem region select utility” and to create a new one.
This tool can be found in “All programs” -> Toshiba -> Networking