View Full Version : DVD Drive is not recognised in My Computer on Satellite 300 - 11V

04.10.2007, 22:43
When I open My Computer all that appears is the Hard Drive Devices and Other Devices. I have looked in Device manager and in the option for the DVD drives there is a ! in a yellow triangle next to my DVD drive.

I have clicked on properties on the DVD drive and displays the drive is corrupt or missing (Code 39). I have used windows to search for solutions but there do not appear to be any. Are there any other ways to solve this problem?

My OS is Windows Vista.

07.10.2007, 11:34
The first thing I recommend you is to remove the drive from the device manager. Then reboot your machine and boot Vista. After startup, it should reinstall the drive.
If not, then you can shortly check if your drive is malfunctioning: grab a CD or DVD which is bootable (e.g. the recovery disk) and check if the drive boots the CD.
But donīt forget to set the CD/DVD as the first drive in the boot order.