View Full Version : Satellite X200: The cloned image on my TV is out of scale

03.10.2007, 19:19
Iíve connected my x200 laptop to my plasma TV through a HDMI cable.
After much deliberation I managed to figure out how to get the sound working through the TV.

However the image which appears on the TV is slightly out of scale. i.e. the image on the TV is slightly too large, therefore all four corners are missing.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


09.10.2007, 12:16

Iím not an X200 owner but I presume this unit uses the NVIDIA graphic card.
So I think this issue is related only to the wrong settings in the nVidia control panel.

I cannot provide you an exactly solution but I would recommend checking the settings in the control panel -> Nvidia control panel -> Video & television.
You could change to the ďAdvanced viewĒ go through the single options.

Good luck

09.10.2007, 13:03
u can also try to set the resolution in ur portable same as ur external tv ex 1440x900 or lower

i asume chapter 5 : using toshiba HD DVD PLAYER in user manual will help u a lot.