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29.09.2007, 18:43

I just bought myself a Toshiba A200 15I (I think thats the model name, or something v. similar anyway) and I'm just starting to get to grips with it.

One thing I've noticed thats a disappointment is that the version of WinDVD I got with this laptop is different to the one im used to, I have WinDVD 4.0 on my old laptop and the one thats come with my new laptop is some Hitachi specific version ('InterVideo WinDVD for Toshiba').

Now one thing I really like about WinDVD on my old laptop is that it lets me take screen caps from the video files/DVDs I play on it but I can't find any mention of a screen cap feature on this Hitachi version of it. After a while I found the help section and searched for screen capture but to no avail, so im guessing it isn't there(?)

If so, I checked and managed to find the CD for my old laptop that contains WinDVD 4.0 but im not sure if it would be safe to uninstall the current Hitachi version and try installing that, as the WinDVD 4.0 CD is specially for my old Fujitsu Siemens laptop (its one of the CDs that came with the laptop and has FSC (Fujitsu Siemens Computers) written next to the version number), plus as its a few years old ive no idea if it would be at all compatible with Vista and my new laptop obv. has Vista (Home Premium). I don't know if it would be a good idea to have both installed either, it might confuse the system with two WinDVDs installed on the one computer (?).

Am I right in thinking the Hitachi WinDVD program won't let me make/select screen caps? if so, whats the best thing to do, so I have a program that will allow me to quickly and easily get caps from video files and DVDs... is there a known Vista friendly program that would allow me to do this as an alternative? or does WinDVD 4.0 work fine and would it be safe for me to maybe try installing that... I don't want to risk confusing the system and/or uninstalling a Vista friendly program to end up with one that doesn't really work I think. I checked to see if the version of MovieMaker that comes with Vista, would let me do it but that doesn't seem to have a screen cap option too, though I didn't check that program in quite so much detail so I may be wrong but where the old camera icon used to be, I couldn't see it... has this option been taken away from these programs due to legal issues or something perhaps? I never heard about anything like that...

Any help is much appreciated; thanks!

edit:- I just noticed it says 'InterVideo WinDVD 8.0 for Toshiba' if that helps...

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01.10.2007, 21:34
Why donīt you use another program to make screen caps like VLC or media player classic? I mean, WinDVD is ok but why not using more professional and maybe more opensource and not programs from some manufacturer modified without functionality for users which need one???

I would suggest you to look at VLC since itīs a good tool and very useful. Maybe you can find more applications in this direction.


02.10.2007, 23:19
Yes I found out about VLC, someone else suggested that, I wasn't aware you could take caps with that program before but I've found it out now, thanks anyway! I just wasn't sure before whether there was a different program I could install that would let me take caps or not...