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27.09.2007, 13:31

Please can someone help me. I've just brought 52 Satellite Pro A200 laptops. They come with Vista pre-installed, but I want to wipe them and install Windows XP. However I have a big problem - when I put my XP CD in and boot from it and click Enter to continue, it tells me that the Installation cannot continue as Windows found no hard drives (although I can boot in Vista so I know the HDD are ok).

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Matt Courtman
Cromwell Community College, UK

27.09.2007, 18:56
You need to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
This driver can be found don the Intel page:

Please check also this thread. Itís very useful:

27.09.2007, 19:37
I too had the HDD problem. Its because there are no drivers on the XP CD for SATA hard drives. What you have to do is use some free software called NLite and merge the SATA drivers with the files off the XP CD. (It really is ace). Available at

Read this page it tells you exactly how to do it.(
http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Windows-XP-On-SATA-Without-a-Floppy-F6-47807.shtml). If I can manage it then anyone can. Using the NLite software you copy the contents of your XP CD to your hard drive. Then you download the SATA drivers (available from the tosh site), then you integrate the drivers with your XP CD files. Finally you create an ISO image and burn it to CD. When you then boot off your new CD and install XP, it detects the SATA drive. Hey Presto!!!