View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Printer Setup with connected docking station

21.09.2007, 02:17
I have a Tecra 9100 with a docking station running under WIN-XP SP1. In the process of setting up my printer, an Epson 740 with USB connection, I found that I need to create 2 entries for the same printer, 1 for the UNDOCKED environment and 1 for the DOCKED environment, know as XXX (copy 1). Is this normal or have I done something wrong.

This is different from my old Portege which maintains 2 Hardware Profiles, 1 docked and 1 uindocked and there is only 1 entry in the printer folder.

Also, if I unplugged the printer from the docking station and later plug it back in on a different USB port,
it will ask me to reinstall the printer again.

Thanks for any comment from anybody.

22.09.2007, 19:56
I have Tecra M1 and use it on the same port replicator as you your 9100. The same happen to me if I want to use webcam on different USB ports. Using it on the same there is no message but using on second port it asks for the driver.

It seems to be ‘normal’. :)