View Full Version : Libretto U100 - pc to tv adapter only displays black and white

19.09.2007, 19:01
I have an Averlite pc to tv adapter using a composite connection to the tv. I have changed my monitor display to 800x600 but it is displayed as black and white on the tv (on the laptopn it is in perfect colour).

Anyone have a similar problem or can assist me? Thank you in advance.

22.09.2007, 14:34
Hi Julia

Can you please tell me what ĎAverlite pc to tv adapterí is? Can you please send some link where I can see what you mean exactly?

Is this adapter connected at the end of RGB port at the end of delivered RGB cable?

I saw this small Libretto few times but I didnít try to connect it to TV but the principle on all Toshiba notebooks is the same. It is of course much easier with notebooks that have S-Video out port.

22.09.2007, 21:02
The pc to tv convertor is a device which you plug into your laptop and then it converts the laptop signal to s-video in order to view the laptop screen on the tv, which only has a s-video connection. I want to play dvds from the laptop and watch them on tv.

Here is the link to the pc to tv convertor: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=35258&C=Maplin&U=SearchTop&T=PC%20TO%20TV&doy=22m9 ... The USB (on the convertor) goes into the laptop and the video port goes into the laptop (the laptop is RGB so I have RGB to video cable on the end).

At the other end, the s-video lead from the convertor goes into the s-video on the tv. (The tv does not have a video port)

Then switch the laptop display to 800 x 600 and the laptop is then displayed on the tv.... BUT in black and white. This is where I am stuck.

Thank you.

22.09.2007, 21:12
Hi again Julia

You will not believe me but I have found this link and watched short Video about this product. I do not know if this will help but if you use S-Video port on your TV check please settings on your TV. Usually you must enable this port on TV or choose S-Video channel (on my LCD TV I have S-Video channel) and when enabled the picture should be OK.

Please check it.

22.09.2007, 21:17
Do you mean I should switch to the svideo channel on the tv? If so, I have done that and I can see the laptop screen perfectly. The problem is that is in black and white. I can play dvd's but again, it's black and white.

23.09.2007, 12:16
Hi Julia

I have had the same problem but it was not a notebook problem but I have used simply a wrong s-video to scart cable.
The scart cable pin assignment was wrong and didnít match with the TV port pin assignment.

I think the problem could be the converter. Maybe you should test it on other TV or you should buy anther cable.

By the way; Did you use the right PAL / NTSC settings. This is important and should be checked in the graphic card properties!

23.09.2007, 13:27

Yes, I did test the convertor on another tv and it worked perfectly. I checked the convertor and it is definately switch to PAL. I double checked that as well.

Where abouts in the properties of the graphics card does this need to be checked? Can you please let me know the step to check this?

Thanks very much for your help. :)

23.09.2007, 19:24
I donít know if the graphic card driver provides such settings.
Iím not owner of the Libretto U100 but other Satellite notebooks and on my notebook such PAL /NTSC settings can be found in the graphic card properties -> advanced

But you said that the picture is ok on another TV. So in my opinion itís a TV problem and not notebook issue.

23.09.2007, 19:34
When you mention the Graphics card properties, do you look under Device Manager > Display Adapter > Graphics Controllers. If so, I looked there and there is no Advanced properties.

It's a Flat TV Panel TV KE-32TS2E.

23.09.2007, 20:14
I look in the graphic properties (right click on the desktop and properties).
Iíve chosen the last tab called ďSettingsĒ -> Advanced.
Under tab ďDisplaysĒ I can choose my TV settings.

But I use the ATI graphic card and I think the Intel card does not provide such function.

Anyway, I donít think itís a notebook issue because as I said above you have tested it on other TV and it worked fine!!!

23.09.2007, 20:26
Yes I think my tv is too old and does not support the convertor.

Thanks very much for helping me.