View Full Version : After logon on my Satellite Pro only black screen and the cursor are visible

17.09.2007, 21:48
I have a windows vista satellite pro (PSAASE-00G004GR) after turning it on and typing the password of windows vista, the screen goes completely black but i can still see the cursor moves & as it seems the harddisk is also working in th background, but i can't see anything except the mouse cursor, I tried to boor with some other options ( SAFE MODE , LATEST WORKING KNOWN FEATURES....etc) but it is still the same , only black screen and the cursor..

I would not prefer the product recovery cause of my data on it, any ideas??

21.09.2007, 13:16

You’ve got the Satellite Pro A100 PSAAS… hmm if you want to rescue your personal data I would recommend to removing the HDD from the laptop and try to connect it to another computer via a external USB HDD controller. Such 2.5” HDD cases are not expensive and you can buy it in every computer shop.

Then you could try to recover the whole notebook again with the delivered Toshiba recovery CD.
But wait; did you try to connect the notebook to the external monitor?
Check this!
Maybe you could see something on the second display!

I think this procedure could be useful to clarify what’s wrong.
For me this issue sounds a little bit like an FL-inverter malfunction.
In such case the new OS installation will not help you to solve this problem.

But who knows… the check is needed to find what could be wrong.

Good luck and bye ;)

21.09.2007, 17:46

Maybe I have understood you wrong but according your posting you have two problems:
• The display is not illuminates as it should be
• The OS can not start.

Please give us exact explanation about display. Can you see Toshiba welcome screen with usual color (red) or is this screen also dark? Please check it also with BIOS settings and let us know what happen exactly?

What to say about OS? If you use recovery procedure the whole HDD will be deleted. I have found interesting page how to use Vista repair option but with recovery DVD it can not work. Just with Microsoft installations CD.