View Full Version : Chipset Utility refuses to install on Satellite Pro L20

16.09.2007, 19:28

I'm trying to sort out a friend's Satellite Pro L20 (PSL2YE-00E007EN) but the Chipset Utility refuses to install. I'm running Windows XP Pro (SP2) with nothing else on just now, Chipset Utility Installer keeps saying that I don't have a supported chipset or OS. The Intel Chipset ID utility fails to run as well, any ideas what could be up?

21.09.2007, 15:16

There are two different Satellite L20 series. One L20 series was delivered with the Intel graphic chip and one with the ATI graphic card.

You can install the Intel chipset utility on Satellite L20 with Intel GPU but the Satellite l20 with ATi graphic card does not support the Intel chipset utility.

I assume you’re an owner of the second L20 series with ATI GPU.
The ATI graphic card driver which can be found on the Toshiba driver page already contains the ATI chipset (GART) driver.
Therefore install only the ATI graphic driver and enjoy it! ;)

Best regards

21.09.2007, 15:45

Gypsy is right. Satellite Pro L20 with number PSL2YE-00E007EN has definitely ATI graphic chip. Just download ATI graphic driver (about 31 MB) and install it. Everything will work well. ;)