View Full Version : No drag-and-drop possible on Satelllite 2800 (OS Win Me)

16.09.2007, 10:26
It is impossible
a. to drag and drop files from CD-ROM or floppy onto the desktop
b. to drag and drop a file which is on the desktop into a folder newly created on the desktop.

Restarting the system or installing an external mouse does not solve the problem.

In Word, the clipboard function works alright.

What is to be done?

20.09.2007, 15:23
Why should it be not possible??? ?:|
The drag and drop functions since windows 3.0 (this is the latest version which I remember ;) )

20.09.2007, 16:44
I believe you are the first one who has this problem here. I see no reason why this should not work. Have you noticed this strange issue since just few days?