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14.09.2007, 14:08
Hey all,

I'm considering buying a new stick of RAM to bring the total on my Satellite Pro notebook up to 2gb. I currently have a 1gb PC2-4300, which according to cpu-z has a frequency of 266mhz. Is it better to buy another similar stick or start over with a new 2x1gb sticks kit? Will my laptop support all different brands/frequencies, or do I need to be looking for something in particular?

Thanks in advance.

14.09.2007, 14:21
Do you have the sub model ie A120-007 then I can tell you exactly what you will need!

14.09.2007, 15:17
Unfortunately I don't. Anyway I can find that out?

I have model number: PSAC1E-04Q00VEN, and specs: 1 x T7200/XP Pro/1024MB/100GB/15.4"Wide XGA/SuperMulti(DL)/WiFi 802.11ag/OneNote, if that helps.


14.09.2007, 15:21

You have a 4gb max with 2 slots. You need 667mhz unbuffered SODIMMS and if you install in matched pairs you can run dual channel.

Place I always buy from is below, never let me down


14.09.2007, 15:24
Thanks very much!