View Full Version : Does Satellite X200 support surround sound like 5.1

13.09.2007, 16:56
Does my x200 20T have surround sound like 5.1 ?

13.09.2007, 17:11
As far as I know the notebook supports 5 speakers:
2x main + 2x tweeter and 1x harman kardon subwoofer

Did you check the user manual?!
What does the user manual say?

14.09.2007, 10:59
You are right, it supports 2x main + 2x tweeter and 1x harman kardon subwoofer.
So it can create a kind of surround. But can I connect the laptop to a amplifier to use the real suround speakers in the living room ?
I can buy this headset with inbuilt surround speakers. The connections for the headset is USB. The real questions is: Do I get surround like 5.1 through the USB connection ?

14.09.2007, 11:09

I am not a ‘sound expert’ but as far as I know every notebook that supports 5.1 surround sound have optical s/pdif out port. Using this port you can connect your notebook to the home cinema surround system.

I do not know which Satellite X200 you have exactly but please check all info you can find in User’s manuals document.

Bye and please give us some feedback.

14.09.2007, 14:03
Thanks for the answers.
The X200-20T has the pdif output, so I guess it means it has 5.1 ?
I'm gonna buy the "Medusa 5.1 Mobile edition USB" to see if I get 5.1 out through the USB.
Highly interesting since Support Toshiba could not answer me.