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04.09.2007, 19:39
Hiya guys,

I've been looking around for a bios upgrade for my Tecra M7 (seeing as it's on version 1.70 - from 10/17/2006 ).
I've found the 3.20-win version - but of course I've replaced Windows with Linux.

I'd feel safer doing it the traditional way anyway, so is there a way to get the CD-rom folder from somewhere?
Is it possible to pass a parameter to the 'P0048v320_nVidiaGraphics.exe' program?
Is there a secret link out there?


09.09.2007, 21:06
Hi there,

thats not so good, since toshiba does not provide a traditional DOS bios for that machine. You will need a running Windows system with common modules installed to perform a bios update, if you find another way then you´re surely a lucky guy.

I had do use a old HDD with an Windows from recovery on it to perform a bios update on a Portege M400, so you should look for a harddrive and install windows on it.

Sorry dude

10.09.2007, 12:37
As far as I know there are no any ‘secret links’. You know very well that Toshiba does not support Linux and all stuff offered is for Windows only. Like Dennis already wrote Toshiba does not offer traditional BIOS update for newer notebooks.

WIN BIOS update is much easier and it can be done without floppy disc drive. In my opinion using WIN BIOS update the risk for wrong BIOS update is on minimum level.

Sorry but I do not see other possibility as using offered BIOS update under running Windows OS.