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01.03.2005, 11:18
Dear Sir,
I got a Toshiba notebook Satellite 2410-702 and I have a problem with wireless network card; the operating system running on notebook is windows xp home with service pack 2.
In control panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager, in "Network adapters" there is not the "Wireless Network Connection"; I tried to install it adding a new hardware peripherals with drivers I found on cd-rom but I couldn't manage to install it.
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance,
best regards
Fulvio Ormas
PS: the drivers for network wireless card I dowloaded from official toshiba's site are the same as the drivers I have on cd

01.03.2005, 16:42
Hi fulk

I am not sure but I think that your machine is delivered without wireless card. Did you build in one?

There is possibility to expand your notebook with wireless card and in this case you can download driver. Please be careful with drivers. On Toshiba site there is driver for Wireless LAN card produced by Toshiba.

01.03.2005, 17:22
The fact is that I'm sure that notebook satellite 2410-702 HAVE wireless network card, it is written in manual and on the notebook's case I have a button to activate wireless network...I really don't understand...anyone can help with any suggestion?

01.03.2005, 23:17
now i was thinking...can service pack 2 of windows xp be the problem? So does anyone know if drivers of wireless network card are not compatible with service pack 2? And how to solve this prob? Thanks in advance

02.03.2005, 11:20
Hi fulk

Please don’t be mad on me but I think also that your unit has not wireless card. First of all, if card is not recognized in device manager card is definitely not integrated. As far as I know installation of SP2 can not change any hardware configuration.

Inside of one series (like Satellite 2400) there are notebooks with different hardware configuration. Some of them are produced with wireless card and some of them without it. But all of them are prepare to work with wireless card (switch button is there, description in User’s manuals). On the bottom side of the notebook there is Wi-Fi module cover (left side where are three covers, on the top). If you want you can open it and check if wireless card is there.


02.03.2005, 11:40
I opened notebook from the bottom at the place where wireless card must be (I read from the manual) but sincerily I can't understand if wireless card is there or not :(
Just I see 2 thin wires..is it normal?...now seeing guarantee is still valid I think I will bring it to assistance...when I bought pc on manual there was written that wireless card was present so if there is not it's their fault..I hope to solve...thanks much for helping and giving advice!

02.03.2005, 11:44
Hey there ,

I believe that there has been a misunderstanding and im afraid if there are only 2 wires underneath the laptop that basically means that there is no integrated wireless card in the laptop . The phrase "Wireless Ready" means it can be upgraded not that it has a card built in .

Sorry :(


02.03.2005, 11:51
Hi again fulk

Please don’t be disappointed now. Yor notebook is great machine and all what you must do is to buy wireless card and install it properly.

If you want to do it please be careful. Pick up some information before you buy one. You can also check http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com site. Under Products there you can find “Options and accessories”. Under communications there are all wireless cards.

Good luck!

02.03.2005, 11:51
...hmm thanks for info...I will see what assistance can tell me.