View Full Version : Strange display issue on my Qosmio E15-Av101

28.08.2007, 23:50
Hello all,

Strange problem... picked up this E15-AV101, with 1Gb of ram and a 100Gb HDD have wiped it and started fresh with the Qosmio player disc and then the Recovery disc.
All works fine in windows... but if the system is off and I try to use the qosmio player by pressing the tv button or the button next to it a white screen comes up that disapates to black with green and red lines, but i can hear the dvd playing and the controls operate.
What would be causing this as all works fine in windows when I start Media Center.

Running bios ver. 1.60 and all the latest drivers from the site

I hope someone has some insight into this as I am stumped

Thanks for all and any help you may offer


31.08.2007, 23:38
And this is a Toshiba support forum... More like end users who dont have a clue... Fixed the problem myself, I hope no one else has this issue as you will get no help from this site!!!

01.09.2007, 19:38
Hi there,

thats not a official support forum like you thought. Itīs a user-to-user forum where (like I already mentioned) users try to help another users.
If you want full support then contact a local servicepartner or call the toshiba hotline.