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28.08.2007, 11:33

during operation of a USB- HDD and mp3-player on my Tecra 9100, suddenly stopped the power supply of the WLAN-, Sound-, Bluetooth-, SD- Card.
E.G.: No Sound, Micro o.k., WLAN switch does not work, Bluetooth reports: No power supply.

About this problem I've heard more often in some forums. My guarantee expired. Regular service is more expensive than a second hand Tecra 9100.

Can anybody give a advise? Which part could be damaged, Mainboard, I/O-board??

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29.08.2007, 21:21
No idea?

30.08.2007, 16:29
Sounds really not good….
As far as I know there is only one board and if something is wrong with a single motherboard part the whole board must be replaced!!!
As you already said such replacement is not very cheap because the board is a one of the expansive notebook parts.

Without any diagnostic tests nobody will be able to provide an exactly and final diagnosis.
Therefore I would really recommend contacting a notebook technician for a check…

After such check you will know more details about the malfunction and could decide what do you what to do; either buy a second hand notebook or try to repair the old Tecra

Good luck

30.08.2007, 17:20
Hi Jimi,

thanks for your reply.

04.09.2007, 10:53
check this out:

"I have repaired dozens of Tecra 9100 and 9000 laptops. Here are the top 3 problems.
1. No sound, SD card reader not working - The upper I/O board connectors that connect to the sound board are the problem. Resolder all 100 pins.
2. No USB, or PS2 port - Resolder USB card connector and mating connector on I/O board.
3. No power, no boot, lockups, flashing amber - Resolder all 480 connector pins on the motherboard to I/O board connectors.
Do not attempt unless you have experience soldering .5mm (.020?) spaced joints.
I list an Ebay auction for this repair occassionally.
Good luck!"



04.09.2007, 11:06
Hi ant0an,

thanks for your excellent and extensive informations.
It seems to be no. 1. of your answer, I hope and try my best.

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